3 Technic Improve Page Speed Quickly for SEO (Recommend for Newbie WordPress User)

I know your worry that you dont know how to start so  i will tech easy way for you.


Imagine this: you don’t have knowledge about IT or computer but you get order from your boss to try improve your website for get top 10 in google page.

Your face has  pale and you  sweaty palms. 

luckily,  I have 3 technic for bot web speed. if you  follow my technic, i guarantee 100% that your web speed will improve.

step 1: why you should focus improve page speed test

google factor 2022 for seo

according picture from  firstpagesage

you will see that page speed  it get 2%

and mobile frienly / mobile first website is  get 5%

you will know that SEO will talk that “content is king” , it true 100%.

because of if you see picture,  you will see that  high quality content is 25%

unfortunately, even if you write good content  but your page speed not fast enough for user,  i belive that user will leave your page within 5 second and your lose user engagement.

this is important that you should focus page speed.

step 2: how to check page speed

improve page speed

so easy!

 you should check your website by enter this site


then, type your website  and click analyze button.

let see what your focus 3 thing.

perfomance score

your web score should more than 60,  

First Contentful Paint

 your website should not more than 3.0 s.

Largest Contentful Paint

your website should not more than 5.0 s.

if your score get it , that enough for your performance that google will condider your web.


if you scroll mouse below, you will see detail  in page speed, that  show about how to solving speed problem.

 if in your life,  you  don’t ever been study about java, IT, computer,  i belive that you think  that  what the fuckking solution, i don’t understand everything.

if you think like this,  I think so, too

but today, you don’t worry becasue i will tech how to improve speed  easy way

key factor concern page speed have 3 things

  1. java or ccs
  2. size pictures 
  3. size domain

i will explain easy way for improve speed, follw me!

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step 3: reduce unuse java or ccs by WProcket


if you use wordpress for create website, it so easy for improve speed.

first, you just buy plugin WProcket  ( buy this link  wp-rocket )

if you have only 1 website, i think buy  single package is enough.

then , install your plugin.

then, you try setting WProcket by  follow  this way technumero

ok good job. let try check your website speed again, i belive that your score will improve dramatically.

but even if your score improve but First contentful paint is not below 3 sec,  let try  step 4

step 4: reduce size picture by imagify

imagify for improve web speed

picture size is a key factor that reduce your page speed so you will focus to reduce all image size in your web.

if you use wordpress for create website, it so easy for resize picture by use plugin Imagify

first, you just buy plugin this link imagify

i recommend that you should buy unlimit per month. 

then, install your plugin

then, you try setting WProcket by  follow  this way  wpdingo

ok good job. let try check your website speed again, i belive that your score firstcontenful paint will improve withnin 3 sec

 even if your score and First contentful improve  ,but you want your page speed improve  more than a little bit  and prepare for someday your website is poppular so user traffic more than 2,000 per day, your website maybe crash or slow. 

let start  step 5

step 5: upgrade domain server

digital ocean

upgrade domain is a another easy way for improve speed, 

important: i talk about domain , not domain name or server.


my website create domain by godaddy.

my website use domain server ip by digitalocean

my website use server by serverpilot

if you want improve speed and support for most traffic user, you will upgrade at digital ocean by resize droplet

droplet recommend

i recommend that you should update  memory 4gb and 2cpu is enough for get traffic user 2000 people / day.

***this step is not show performance socre in web test google page speed ,but you will see in reality that your webspeed improve 0.25 sec.

คาสิโนออนไลน์ เว็บตรง 2022


if you follow my 3 step , even if you are not professional IT , Programmer , you will see that webspeed improve dramatically.i thik that improve web speed is important but SEO is not only webspeed but also content  plus other technic for get  top ten page google search. 

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